The Rebel Beat Podcast 024 – Mohawk Resistance, Metal, & Movies

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Welcome back to another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat!

Our special guest on the show this week is long-time Mohawk Indigenous activist and filmmaker Clifton Nicholas. Clifton hails from the Mohawk reserve of Kanehsatake, located just north of Montreal. Kanehsatake made world headlines in 1990, during what is now known as the Oka Crisis, when Mohawks took up arms and blockaded their land in the face of a full-blown Canadian military invasion. The goal – to defend a Mohawk burial site from being destroyed and turned into a golf course.

Clifton was on the front-lines during the 1990 standoff, and has a lot to say on this historical event. The 25th anniversary of the Oka Crisis just passed on July 11th this year, and now Clifton has begun working on a new documentary film reflecting on this occasion.

Importantly, Clifton just launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for his film, called “In the Long Shadow of the Pines: 25 Years Since Oka”. And he needs your support to make the film happen! So follow the link, share it, and throw some coin his way to support this project!

Even better than that tho, Clifton curated a special set for this show, full of revolutionary heavy metal, and country!

Hope you enjoy!

Playlist – July 29 2015

JB The First Lady – Too late to apologize

Willie Dunn – Son of the sun

Buffy Sainte Marie – Bury my heart at Wounded Knee

A Tribe Called Red – Suplex

Refused – Old friends/New war

Bad Religion – Land of endless greed

Oi Polloi – Take back the land

Interview with Clifton Nicholas

Jungle Rot – Rise up and revolt

Motorhead – Orgasmatron

Johnny Cash – As long as the grass shall grow

Johnny Cash – Custer

Judas Priest – Painkiller

Napalm Death – Circle of hypocrisy

Morbid Angel – The lion’s den

George Jones – These days (I barely get by)

Sepultura – Refuse / resist

Kultur Shock – Build a wall

loosestrife – Mas o menos

Lido Pimienta – Progreso

Tanya Tagaq – Fracking

Rebecca Foon – Ne pas plier

Yassin Gaye – Inner city travelling man

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