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Snail Mail (Submissions for CD’s, vinyl, cassettes, fan mail, etc.):

CKUT Radio

c/o The Rebel Beat

3647 University street

Montreal, QC

H3A 2B3


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Aaron (& all);
    When I first learnt that ‘Roots-Rock-Rebel’ was being replaced, I was rather disappointed, as it was one of my favorites in the CKUT canon.

    But as I soon learned the Aaron was to be the host of the new show – I had a strong inkling as to the direction that the time slot was to be taken.

    I’m now listening to the February 18th podcast – very very good show.

    I’ve been waiting for something just like this (in that way that you didn’t know you were waiting – does that make sense?). I mean this in the best possible way – but I’m rather surprised that this type of thing is on the public airwaves.

    Very much like the Sub-media connection as well (whom I discovered a few months ago).

    I’m afraid I’m not much of a rap / hip-hop fan – but I fully understand the pop-culture relevance to the subject matter.
    (Hmmm – does ‘pop-culture’ even exist anymore? Okay – how about the ‘socio-political’ relevance?).

    Anyhow – you can count on my continued support of CKUT – I applaud them for putting this platform on the air.
    A rhetorical question – but I wonder how much consternation was involved before to ‘okay’ was given to go ahead with this by the station?

    (Still miss ‘Roots-Rock-Rebel’ though…)

    Thank you for your efforts,


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