The Rebel Beat Podcast 061 – Rhythms of Kurdish Resistance



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Welcome back to another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat! IMPORTANT REMINDER: This will actually be our second-to-last weekly edition of the show that airs on CKUT radio. After next week, we’re slowing down a little bit, and switching to a monthly show. So, make sure you subscribe now to our podcast! Get it here on iTunes, Stitcher, and all your other favourite podcast platforms.

This week on the show, we have a special focus on Kurdish resistance music. Our playlist of rousing fight songs was curated by Kurdish comrades in Montreal and Toronto, and we also have an interview here with Xebat, Sores, and Melis. Xebat and Sores are Kurdish activists now based in Montreal, and Melis is a Turkish solidarity activist and member of Rojava Solidarity Montreal. Among other things, we talked about the current situation in Rojava (a Kurdish autonomous zone in northern Syria), the role of women in the struggle, and the importance of music in inspiring resistance.

Plus we have some more Mayday tunes here, new stuff from Ryan Harvey & Kareem Samara, and an amazing Spanish punk stomper from La URSS.


Playlist – May 4, 2016

Rebel Diaz (feat Dead Prez & Rakaa Iriscience) – Which side are you on? (remix)

Street Dogs – There is power in a union

Zalman Mlotek & the New Yiddish Chorale – Ballad of the Triangle Fire

Sivan Perwer – Kine em

Grup Yorum – Gundogdu marsi

Helly Luv – Revolution

Koma Awaze Giya – Biji YPG

Interview with Xebat, Sores, and Melis of Rojava Solidarity Montreal

Anyur Dogan – Kece Kurdan

Civan Haco – Cav Bella

Helly Luv – Risk it all

Khebez Dawle – Tawdeeh

Rafeef Ziadah – Sieges

Raast – Yarmouk (when you’re born a refugee)

Ryan Harvey & Kareem Samara – Thin blue border

The Last Internationale – Deportees

The Haymarket Squares – Revolt resist rebel

Gil Scott-Heron – Work for peace

La URSS – Control


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