The Rebel Beat Podcast 060 – Happy Smashy MayDay with Submedia!


May 1st in Montreal, during the 2012 student strike


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HAPPY MAYDAY, PROLES!! Welcome back to our weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat! This week, it’s our special to honour May 1st! Celebrated all around the world by masses of workers, downtrodden, unemployed, rebels, and all of us hungry for a better world, May Day is a day to celebrate all of our struggles and resistance against capitalism, patriarchy, racism, and any other force that keeps us down.

Frank from Submedia.TV was back in studio with us for our last collaboration at CKUT! As usual, he brought in some amazing tunes to big-up workers AND non-workers struggles, and also an awesome interview on the current #NuitDebout movement in France.

In case you haven’t heard, we’re switching from a weekly show to a monthly show pretty soon, but we’re doing this in the hopes of making the show even better and bigger! So if you haven’t already done it, subscribe to our podcast!

This for sure won’t be the last time you’ll hear a collaboration between Submedia and The Rebel Beat :).

And of course, we have your soundtrack for a riotous Mayday here, with everyone from Talib Kweli to Jimmy Cliff to Beyoncé. Enjoy!

And smash the state!

Playlist – April 27, 2016

Beyoncé – Hold up

New Yiddish Chorale – Maylid

Queen Cee – Bread and roses

Evan Greer – Picket line song

The Haymarket Squares – Start a riot

Nora & Gnoll – Song for the haters

The Clash – Career opportunties

Dead Kennedys – Let’s lynch the landlord

Autenticos Decadentes – No quiero trabajar

Dead Prez feat. Jay Z – Hell yeah

The Strike – Kicking ass

Crazy Baldhead – Do they owe us a living?

HK et les Saltimbaks – On lache rien

Submedia.TV interview on Nuit Debout in France

P.O.S. – Fuck your stuff

Sole – Never work

Camron – I hate my job

Rude Mechanical Orchestra – Smash a bank polka

Di Nigunim – Our own parade

Utah Phillips – Pie in the sky

Mr. Lif – Live from the plantation

Talib Kweli – Get by

The Fugees – The master

Jimmy Cliff – The harder they come

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