The Rebel Beat Podcast 025 – Indigenous Hip-Hop Artist Project Toombz & The Crafting of “Nomad”

Shane Kelsey aka. Project Toombz

Shane Kelsey aka. Project Toombz


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Welcome back to another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat! After taking a week off, we’re back at it, refreshed as ever. Our special guest on the program this week is Shane Kelsey aka. Project Toombz. Shane is a Montreal-based Indigenous hip-hop artist, but also works as an activist and frontline worker at a homeless shelter. He started to make waves in MTL with his previous outfit, Northern Collection, but after parting ways with his bandmate, launched a solo project under Project Toombz. He’s already put out some amazing videos, and is now crowd-funding for his first full-length album, “Nomad”. Check it, pre-order your copy, and support the album by clicking here!

Project Toombz’s music touches on issues of abuse, Indigeneity, sexism, but also positivity and keeping it real in these tough times. Enjoy!

Playlist – August 5, 2013

The Coup – Pork & beef

Vinnie Dewayne – Fight the power

Seneca Forest – To all of those who can’t breathe

JustKristofer – Last words

Leen Bean – Sandra Bland

Bree Newsome – Stay strong: a love song for our freedom fighters

Wu Tang Clan – A better tomorrow

Project Toombz – Caught in the middle

Interview with Project Toombz

Project Toombz – Don’t stress

Project Toombz – Gone

Frank Wain – Aboriginal

Northern Collection – My people, my pride

Mos Def – Beef

Mos Def  -Mathematics

Mos Dub – History town

Dub Kweli – Garvey gets by

Fela Kuti – Water no get enemy

Antibalas – Dirty money

Tribe – What we need

Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens – A change is gonna come

Son of Nun – Fight back

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