The Rebel Beat Podcast 026 – Son of Nun on Baltimore, Police, #BlackLivesMatter, and Being True to Yourself

Son of Nun


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Welcome back to another edition of The Rebel Beat – class war on the dancefloor, and in your ears every week!

Our special guest on the program this week was none other than Baltimore MC Son of Nun. Son of Nun has been sewing the seeds of rebellion with his militant and inspiring radical hip-hop for over a decade now, but he recently came to our attention again with his new single “It’s like that”. This tune is a powerful reflection on the Baltimore uprising following the police murder of Freddie Gray. During the ensuing protests, Son of Nun put his skills as a paramedic (his day job) to good use, and was working as a street medic to treat people for injuries inflicted by cops.

We spoke with Son of Nun about his new material he’s been working on for Firebrand Records (also see episode 022 of this podcast for more info), his experience in the Baltimore protests, Palestine, and how to stay true to yourself in a world rife with capitalist and white supremacist bullshit. Not to be missed!

Speaking of Palestine, we also took a bit of time to discuss the recently released Black Solidarity For Palestine statement, where over a thousand Black activists and artists proclaimed their full support for the Palestinian freedom struggle, including Talib Kweli, Angela Davis, Mumia Abu Jamal, and so many others.

Plus great new music here from Propagandhi, Asian Dub Foundation, Janelle Monae, and more.


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Playlist – August 19, 2015

Janelle Monae, Deep Cotton, St. Beauty, Jidenna, Roman GianArthur, and George 2.0 – Hell ya talmbout

Stokely Carmichael – Free Huey (speech)

Smockey, Didier Awadi, Emrical – A chaque peuple, un combat

Public Enemy – Power to the people

Beatnick, K-Salaam, Talib Kweli – Checkpoints: Ghetto to Gaza

Son of Nun – Free Palestine

Interview with Son of Nun

Son of Nun – It’s like that

Son of Nun – One solution

DevRock, Kwame Rose – Hold on

Comrade – Right back

Sio Sh3llz – Baltimore rising

The Last Internationale – I’m gonna live the life I sing about

Lycka Till – PTSD

War on Women – Second wave goodbye

Propagandhi – I am a rifle

The Rebel Spell – It’s a beautiful future

La Gachette – Villanueva

Asian Dub Foundation – Zig zag nation

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