The Rebel Beat Podcast 022 – Firebrand Records and Ryan Harvey Bring us a New World in Our Songs


Ryan Harvey


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Welcome back to another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat! Our special guest on the program this week is rabble-rouser and radical folk-singer Ryan Harvey. With the unplugged story-telling of traditional American folk music, the compassionate alarm of early peace punk, and the lyrical punch of modern hiphop, Ryan’s songs are situated between the streets, the radical bookstores and cafes, and the basement punk show. From Baltimore, Maryland, he has taken his powerful, insightful, and humorous songs and stories of activism and political analysis around the world for a decade, visiting 19 countries and performing in some of the epicenters of recent uprisings including Cairo, Athens, Madrid, Reykjavík, anfirebrandlogo004d Lisbon.

In very exciting news, Ryan just launched a brand new record label with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine fame, called Firebrand Records. Firebrand features and impressive roster of artists, all who contribute radical political message through their art. Be sure to check out their very first compilation streaming now!

We chatted with Ryan about Firebrand Records, the Baltimore uprisings, and the challenges of making anti-capitalist music in a very capitalist world.

Hope you enjoy!

Playlist – July 8 2015

Son of Nun – Free Palestine

DAM – Born here (remix)

Brixton Cats – Palestine

The Selecter – Breakdown

The Specials – Ghost town

Hot 8 Brass Band – Ghost town

Ryan Harvey – Toss & turn

Interview with Ryan Harvey

Son of Nun – It’s like that

Ramy Essam – Foul caviar

Bell’s Roar – Been so long

Ryan Harvey – Light in the morning (feat. RAAST, Bell’s Roar)

Outernational – Deportees (feat. Tom Morello)

Rage Against the Machine – Know Your Enemy

Heathers – Downtown cop

Downtown Boys – Break a few eggs

Refused – Elektra

Propagandhi – Technocracy

Sammus – Three fifths

Las Cafeteras – La bamba rebelde (remix)

Zebda – Le bruit et l’odeur (live)

Nina Simone – Funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter (remix)

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