The Rebel Beat Podcast 023 – #ItGetsLouder


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After taking a week off from the show, we’re back with another podcast this week! On the menu: some highlights from Montreal’s Nuits d’Afrique festival, new music from political hardcore legends Refused and up-and-comers Downtown Boys, plus a HUGE queer music set to celebrate summer, gay marriage, and gay divorce.


Playlist – July 22, 2015

Ondatropica feat. Ana Tijoux – Suena

Vox Sambou – DiscriminaSida

The Hidden Cameras – Ban Marriage

Final Fantasy – This lamb sells condos

Ari Swan – Untitled

Azis – Sen trope

RotFront – Gay, gypsy, and Jew

Azelia Banks – 212

Big Freedia – Azz everywhere

Lesbians on Ecstacy – Sisters in the struggle

Kumbia Queers – Celosa

Peaches – Free Pussy Riot!

The Gossip – Standing in the way of control

Against Me! – True trans soul rebel

Pansy Division – Rock n’ roll queer bar

Facials – Homos 4 ever

Ruff Talons – Lightning boltz

Oi Polloi – When two men kiss

Limp Wrist – Does your daddy know?

Refused – War on the palaces

Regulations – In the shadow of a mall

Fucked Up – No pasaran

Downtown Boys – 100% inheritance tax

Section 4 – Police is cops

Blackbird Raum – Adder

Nick Kuepfer – Untitled

Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra – Fuck off get free (for the island of Montreal)

2 thoughts on “The Rebel Beat Podcast 023 – #ItGetsLouder

  1. Thanks for standing behind swearing, Aaron. Naughty words need more champions. I have no tolerance for people who make a big deal about harmless words used for emphasis. I always smile to hear you cursing on the radio!


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