The Rebel Beat Podcast 009 – Linton Kwesi Johnson, Dub Poetry, and Black Resistance



Boom! Welcome back to another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat, your regular dose of revolutionary music across different genres, and class war on the dance floor.

This week on the show, our special guest is the legendary British-Jamaican dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson. Johnson hails from Clarendon, Jamaica, but immigrated to the UK in the early 60’s. From there, he got deeply involved in the Jamaican and Black diasporic reggae scenes, as well as political organizing at a time of fervent racial oppression in England. LKJ pioneered the genre of dub poetry, or dub lyricism, which combines Jamaican patois spoken word with deep reggae and dub grooves. His music amplifies the voices of Black youth who were clashing with police in the streets, and demanding dignified lives.

We spoke with LKJ on the phone from his home in London to talk about his music, his art, Black community struggles from the past and present (including the UK Black Panther movement), and fighting to win.

Hope you enjoy!

Next week on the program – A special on the Quebec student strike, featuring Québecois resistance music, a live performance from Caytee Lush, and special guests from the Howl Arts Collective!

Playlist April 8 2015

Alpha Blondie – Apartheid is nazism

Dennis Brown – Revolution

Delhi Sultanate w/ King Zumbi – Riot police

Mutabaruka – De system

Mungo’s Hi-Fi feat. Warrior Queen – Can’t stand it (Fleck remix)

D’bi Young – Tallawah

Linton Kwesi Johnson – Fite dem back

Linton Kwesi Johnson – All wi doin is defendin

Interview with Linton Kwesi Johnson

Linton Kwesi Johnson – Wat about di workin’ class

The Pioneers – Riot inna notting hill

The Clash – White Riot

The Observers meets Mutabaruka – Dis poem burns babylon (DJ Spooky remix)

D’bi Young feat Anonimo Consejo – Amerikkan dreaming

Las Cafeteras – It’s movement time

La Santa Cecilia – Ice el Hielo

Clare O’Connor and Corbin Murdoch – Song for a lonely internationalist

One Hundred Dollars – Paris is burning

LAL – Where we belong

Cris Derksen – War cry movement I

Tanya Tagaq – Uja (Boogey the Beat remix)

Lightning Cloud – #IdleNoMore

Frank Wain – Aboriginal

Mutabaruka – Big Mountain (For the Indians of Turtle Island)

the Brat Attack – Residential schools

East End Radicals – Nation’s secret shame


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