The Rebel Beat podcast 010 – Springtime in Quebec


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Things were heating up in the streets of Quebec this spring with another mass movement against austerity and capitalism. Tens of thousands of students staged a strike to try to stop the provincial government’s cuts to education, but also to wider programs such as healthcare and daycare. This movement has been coined the Printemps 2015 movement (“Springtime 2015”), a reference to the massive Printemps Érable student strike of 2012 (for a great primer on that, check out the awesome documentary Street Politics 101 by our friends at Submedia.TV).

So to strike musically while the iron is hot, here is our special on Quebec resistance music! Our special guest in the first hour of the show is Caytee Lush, who wrote the anti-folk opera “What the fuck am I doing here?” about anarchists in the 2012 student strike. Caytee played a few of the songs from the opera live for us, and holy fuck did we ever get nostalgic about that student strike!

In the second hour of the prok7uidif89stzzsdc23t1gram, we were joined by Stefan Christoff of the Howl Arts Collective. This will no doubt be the first of what will be many collaborations with Howl Arts, and it comes just at the right time, because their 2nd annual festival is coming up in Montreal April 20-26! Stefan brought in some brand new tunes from the new Howl project “Ne pas plier – Artists against austerity”. Check out and listen to those tracks here!

Hope you enjoy this week’s podcast! Lots of exciting stuff coming up in the next few weeks, including a Mayday special with Submedia, interviews with Blackbird Raum, Fiver, Don Letts, and more!

Also, if you’re in Montreal, don’t miss our launch show special concert May 2nd at L’Escogriffe!

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Playlist – April 15 2015

Samian – Plan Nord

Norman Nawrocki – Why am I an anarchist?

Nomadic Massive – Where I’m from

DJ Horg – Le remix du tintamarre

Caytee Lush – Beautiful/horrible

Interview with Caytee Lush

Caytee Lush – Ce n’est qu’un début

loosestrife – Popcorn

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Mladic

Richard Desjardins – Y va toujours avoir

Avec Pas d’Casque – Intuition #1

DJ Horg, Beeyoudee, Helmé, Murph, Jules & Dernier Bastion – Carrée rouge

Stefan Christoff and Nick Schofield – Illimité

Rebecca Foon – Ne pas plier

Tim Keen – Ne pas plier

Nick Kuepfer – Ne pas plier

Martin Orlando Alvarez – Ne pas plier

Bar Fight – Carrée rouge

Thee Silver Mount Zion – Fuck off get free (for the island of Montreal)

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