The Rebel Beat podcast 011 – Blackbird Raum


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Boom! Welcome back to another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat. As riots flare again against racist police in Baltimore, we continue to draw inspiration from peoples’ movements on this show, and provide a soundtrack to the smash-back.

Our very special guest on the show this week was Caspian from the amazing anarchist folk-punk band Blackbird Raum. Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, Blackbird Raum’s music exhibits hints of UK peace punk, traditional Irish rounds, and American bluegrass. Their lyrics are at times dark, focusing on ecological devastation and the gloom of capitalism, and at times uplifting, celebrating resistance to the death machine.

They have a new album out on Silver Sprocket records called “Destroying“, and it is bone-chillingly amazing. It features collaborations with the Irish band Lynched, and some amazing fantasy artwork. Plus, they have some amazing new videos for tunes on the new album that you should all check out. They’ll be heading out on tour in Europe pretty soon, so make sure you catch them if they pass through your town!


In coming weeks on The Rebel Beat, we have interviews with Kevin “Sipreano” Howes (producer of “Native North America vol. 1” for Light in the Attic records), Savage Fam, legendary British DJ Don Letts, and much more!

Also, if you’re around Montreal, don’t miss our Rebel Beat launch party on May 2nd at l’Esco!

Until then, stay rebel!

Playlist – April 22 2015

Emrical – Revolutionary suicide

Northern Collection – My people (Idle No More)

Nazim Elnur – A tale of true thieves

IamBlackGirl – Uprising

loosestrife – Cop helicopter

Facials – Garglin’

Limp Wrist – Punk ass queers

Blackbird Raum – Witches

Interview with Caspian from Blackbird Raum

Blackbird Raum – Last legs

Blackbird Raum – Adder

Blackbird Raum – The greymare parts 1 & 2

Crass – Banned from the Roxy

Against Me! – Those anarcho-punks are mysterious

Di Nigunim – Fascist degradation

Black Ox Orkestar – Ver tantz

The Unternationale – Oy, ir narishe tsienistn

Geoff Berner – Daloy polizei

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Peasantry, or light inside of light

Willie Dunn – I pity the country

One Hundred Dollars – Where the sparrows drop

Ryan Harvey – Ordinary heroes

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