Interview with Dub Poet Linton Kwesi Johnson coming up this week on The Rebel Beat


This week on the show, we’ll be bringing you an interview with the legendary British-Jamaican dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson. LKJ has been inspiring the masses for decades with his deep poetry and music on radical racial and social justice issues. His dub lyricism focuses mostly on the Black experience in the UK, but also on global issues.

In this video, we see LKJ speaking on the 1981 New Cross massacre in Brixton, London, when fascists fire-bombed a housing project, killing 13 Black youth.

And here he is performing at Mos Def’ Poetry Jam in more recent years.

LKJ barely needs any introduction, because he helped spur the movement of dub poetry, which grew around the world. We at the Rebel Beat had a chance to catch up with him from his home in London to offer his reflections on dub poetry as an art form, the British Black Panther movement, recent Black uprisings in the U$A, and what it takes to fight to win.

Be sure to tune in on CKUT this Wednesday April 8 from 10pm-12am EST to hear the interview, or check back here soon for the podcast!

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