The Rebel Beat Podcast 045 – Submedia breaks it down with Savage Fam






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Welcome back to another weekly edition of The Rebel Beat from CKUT! We’re back here for another monthly collaboration with Frank from Submedia.TV. Frank came in with his usual raucous selection of rebel hip hop tunes from across Latin America, plus a wicked interview with Indigenous MC Ant Loc of Savage Fam.

We had Ant Loc on The Rebel Beat back in May of last year, but this time, he goes a bit more in depth into the philosophy of Savage Fam, their approach to anti-colonial struggle, and some of the linkages between Indigenous resistance and other radical movements.


Playlist – January 13, 2016

De La Soul feat. Chuck D – The people

Wab Kinew – Heroes

Stic Man – Back on my regimen

Divine RBG – Things ain’t right

Lah Tere – Crush

Drezus – War path

Buffy Sainte Marie – Generation

Ryan Harvey – Emboldened

East End Radicals – Nation’s secret shame

Savage Fam – War mask

Savage Fam with Alas – Go away

Interview with Ant Loc of Savage Fam

Savage Fam – Way of the drum

Salvaje Decibel – Traidores

Marmotas en el Bar – Los inflamables

Linterna Veiderr –  De mi mente a parcan

Saul Williams – These mthrfckrs

Onyx – Against all authorities

Talib Kweli – Fuck the money


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