The Rebel Beat podcast 014 – Ant Loc of Savage Fam



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Welcome back to the weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat! In this edition of the podcast, we bring you our monthly collaboration with The Stimulator of Submedia.TV. As always, he brings an amazing selection of riot and insurrection inciting tunes!

We also have an interview with Ant Loc of Savage Fam, an amazing hip-hop crew from the west coast of the occupied U$$$A. The timing is perfect, because Ant Loc just wrapped up a west coast tour with Submedia and Alas, another amazing hip-hop artist who we hear from in this podcast. So we hear a report-back from that tour, a report-back from Mayday, and TONS of anti-colonial hip-hop.


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Enjoy! And we’ll see ya next week!

Playlist May 13 2015

Ms. Lauryn Hill – Final hour (live)

Amir Sulaiman – I love you

Boogat – Los presidentes (feat. Heavy Soundz)

Dr. Dre – The day the niggas took over

Plan B – Ill manors

P.O.S – Fuck your shit

Comrade – Right back

Savage Family – No compromise

Interview with Ant Loc of Savage Family

Ant Loc – Strychnine

Ant Loc & Alas – Walking with the dead

Ruge – Ayotzinapa

Michu MC – La funcion

Conspirazion – Atrevet te

Sietenueve – Fuego

Various – Back to Arizona

The Ex & Chumbawamba – We support all forms of resistance

Blackbird Raum – Hecatombe/Augustin’s (deer song)

Lee Reed – Bad gas

Acero Moretti, Drowning Dog – Antagonista a vita

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