The Rebel Beat Podcast 015 – Festival of Anarchy



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The month of May is arguably the best month of the year. Especially in Montreal, when it’s the Festival of Anarchy! The Festival of Anarchy is a month of anarchist actions, film screenings, workshops, and concerts, all centred around the annual Montreal Anarchist Bookfair – one of the largest anarchist convergences on the continent.

In anticipation and celebration of the bookfair, we bring you 2 hours of anarchist rebel music on this podcast of The Rebel Beat, featuring songs spanning different decades, continents, and genres. Hope you enjoy!

Ps. – If you’re not so familiar with anarchism as a political movement or ideology, check out this awesome video primer by our friends at Submedia and Crimethinc!

Playlist – May 20 2015

Rhythm Activism – The Magon brothers

Utah Phillips – Shoot them or stab them

Chumbawamba – When Alexander met Emma

The New Yiddish Chorale Workmen’s Circle Chorus – Maylid

Kalashnikov – No doves fly here

The Mob – Another day, another death

Zounds – Can’t cheat karma

Crass – Do they owe us a living?

Poison Girls – State control

Hagar the Womb – What’s your flag?

The Ex – Ay Carmela

Blackbird Raum – Last legs

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Piss crowns are trebled

1-Speed Bike – Any movement that forgets about class is a bowel movement

Bakunin’s Bum – People already know

Drowning Dog – Anarchism in America

Test Their Logik – Black and red yo

Lee Reed – Dear liberals

Mother Tareka – Imagine something different

Savage Family – Red earth

Rebel Diaz feat. Dead Prez, Rakaa Iriscience – Which side are you on? (remix)

Max Pashm – Anarchy

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