The Rebel Beat Podcast 044 – G7 Welcoming Committee Retrospective



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Happy new year! Welcome to the first podcast of The Rebel Beat for 2016! It’s gonna be a great year for this show, filled with tons of interviews, special guests, and top-notch revolutionary music.

We wanted to start the year off with a bang by going back to a record label that was extremely influential for prairie punks and radicals of all stripes in so-called “Canada”, and further afield. G7 Welcoming Committee records was started back in 1997 in Winnipeg by members of Propagandhi, The Weakerthans, and other activist/musicians from central Canada. Up until 2010, it was putting out some of the best radical music, books, and spoken word CDs around. In fact, plenty of the music that we’ve featured on The Rebel Beat is from releases that G7 put out.

Since it’s been just over 5 years since the label ceased operations, we wanted to go back to revisit some of the catalogue in detail, and give it the respect and admiration it deserves.

This retrospective will be the first in a series of features we’re doing on radical music labels, so stay tuned this year for a few more, or subscribe to the fuckin’ podcast!

Here, we play a bunch of G7’s artists, get a snippet from their amazing podcast “Escape Velocity Radio“, and check in with Derek Hogue, one of the founding members of the label, to get his point of view of the collective’s highs and lows.


Playlist – January 6, 2016

Propagandhi – Dear Coach’s Corner

Giant Sons – Coniferous

The Weakerthans – My favourite chords

Greg Macpherson – Company store

The Rebel Spell – December 8th 1980

Propagandhi – Name and address withheld

Clann Zu – From Bethlehem to Jenin

Submission Hold – Final coup of the last milenium

Warsawpack – Year of the car crash

Interview with Warsawpack

Consolidated – Fractured fairytales

Subhumans – World at war

Anne Hansen – The Litton bombing

The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Black mask

Ward Churchill – Law serves order

Malefaction – Fighting the national security state

I Spy – Cowboy and Indians

GFK – The end of our contribution to modern slavery

Rhythm Activism – In the darkest hour

Noam Chomsky – Freedom fighters and terrorism

Bakunin’s Bum – People already know

Greg Macpherson Band – Kingston

Che Chapter 127 – The choicelessness parade

Swallowing Shit – Pro-abortion, anti-Christ

Propagandhi – I am a rifle

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