The Rebel Beat Podcast 040 – Submedia Rocks Israeli Apartheid


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Hi! Welcome back to another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat!

It almost feels like way too long, but this week we’ve got our regular collaborator Frank from Submedia.TV back in studio with us. Since November 29th is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, we took the opportunity to highlight the amazing liberation movement in occupied Palestine, the global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and play some music by artists who ha12299121_550361788446685_1636856390685823063_nve heeded the call to boycott Israeli apartheid. As an inspiring example, in Montreal in 2010,  500 artists signed an open statement pledging their support for Palestine.

From Submedia’s end, we bring you an interview they did recently with the brilliant Palestinian anarchist Budour Hassan in Jerusalem. And in other great news, while Frank was in studio doing this show, Submedia hit their fundraising goal in their taco-sourcing campaign! So we celebrated that, anarchist media-making, Palestinian resitance, and much more.

Plus new tunes this week from Leftover Crack, Esmerine, Interprete Deskoncido (Colombian anarcho-punk!), and more!


Playlist – November 25, 2015

Leftover Crack – System fucked

Interprete Deskoncido – La sonata del tiempo

Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Sugarcane

Apache – Recacion

Public Enemy – Fight the power

Bahamadia – Total wreck

Boogie Down Productions – My philosophy

1-Speed Bike – Seattle/Washington/Prague

Rafeef Ziadah – Montreal subway

47Soul – Everyland

Interview with Budour Hassan

Rebel Diaz – Yo soy todo

Arianna Puello – Implosion

Dead Prez – Malcolm Garvey Huey

Talib Kweli – Move somethin’

Nomadic Massive – OWD (Oil Weapons Drugs)

Lauryn Hill – Every ghetto, every city

Esmerine – The neighbourhoods rise

Lee Reed – The pump

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