The Rebel Beat podcast 039 – Liberté, égalité, résistance!


French/Mahgrebin hip-hop crew Ministère des Affaires Populaire (M.A.P.)

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Welcome back to our weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat. Well, fuck. Violence everywhere. Paris. Beirut. Baghdad. Yola, Nigeria. Violence against so many Black and Brown people across the world, yet it’s the violence against white colonial countries that garners so much of our attention, sympathy, and solidarity.

What more can be said about last Friday’s Paris attacks that hasn’t already been said? Not much. But we decided to do an in-depth look through music into the world of French colonialism, racism, but also resistance. What follows on this edition of The Rebel Beat is some of our favourite hip-hop, punk, and reggae from France (and former French colonies in Africa).  Music reacting to the systems of oppression that often lead to the senseless violence we saw in Paris last Friday.


Plus we played an excerpt from a powerful and emotional interview with Yasiin Bey, conducted by Ferrari Sheppard.

Enjoy, and vive la résistance!


Playlist – November 18 2015

Z.E.P. – Nique la France

Kery James – Lettre à la république

Tiken Jah Fakoly – Plus rien ne m’étonne

Smockey – 50 ans 2 dépendance

Yasiin Bey – No colonial fiction

Interview with Yasiin Bey by Ferrari Sheppard

Cheb Mami – Parisien du nord

Médine – 17 octobre

Sniper – La France

Diam – Ma France à moi

M.A.P. – Elle est belle la France

Keny Arkana – La rage

Ryaam – Le poing dans l’air

Les Ogres de Barback – Salut à toi

HK et les Saltimbanks – Citoyen du monde

Bérurier Noir – Porcherie

La Société Pue la Mauvaise Haleine – Tu pues la haine

La Fraction – Bienvenue sur terre

Sham 69 – If the kids are united

Bad Religion – Heaven is falling

Bérurier Noir – Mourir à Paris



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