The Rebel Beat Podcast 059 – Howl Arts Festival Inspires Montreal



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Boom! Welcome back to another weekly edition of The Rebel Beat! Just a reminder that in a few weeks, we sadly won’t be doing this on a weekly basis any more, so if you haven’t subscribed to the podcast yet, do it now on iTunes or Stitcher! And, no matter where you subscribe, be sure to leave us a review and rating!

This week on the program, we bring you an overview of the annual Howl Arts Festival in Montreal. If you’re not familiar with the Howl Arts collective, they are a grouping of radical activists and artists in Montreal, trying to bridge the divides between culture and social movements. Not only do they put on amazing concerts and release amazing music, but they also organize interventions where artists speak out against gentrification, austerity, and police brutality. All said, we have a lot affinity with them here at The Rebel Beat.


Just one of the beautiful posters for the Howl Arts Festival

We caught up with Kevin Lo on the program this week to tell us all about the Howl Fest. Kevin is a Montreal-based activist, graphic designer, and member of Howl Arts. Fans of The Rebel Beat are already (perhaps inadvertently) acquainted with Kevin’s work, because he designed the logo for our show! Definitely check out his amazing design work with his own independent imprint, Loki Design.

All that, plus new tunes from LAL, Heathers, Agnostic Front, and a tip of the hat to 4/20, Oi Polloi style!



Playlist – April 20, 2016

K.O.B. – Break they laws

Dead Prez – They schools

Chumbawamba – Revolution

Hard Left – Economy

Bad Religion – We’re only gonna die for our own arrogance

Agnostic Front – No war fuck you

Kultur Shock – Build a wall

Sandhill – 1981

Mohamed Masmoudi – Solo oud

Interview with Kevin Lo of Howl Arts

Ras Moshe and Stefan Christoff – Piano, bells, and sax

Beatrice Deer – Relocation

Elena Stoodley – L’essentiel

Saxyndrum – Maceonectar

Orkestar Kriminal – Der schmayser

Ras Moshe – Meditation for David S Wane

Yusef Lateef – Chang chang

Jurassic 5 – If you only knew

LAL – B.E.W. epilogue

A Silver Mount Zion – What we loved was not enough

Leftover Crack – Last legs

Classics of Love – We need a change

Oil Polloi – T.H.C.

Heathers – The hydra

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