The Rebel Beat Podcast 056 – Rebel Music for Rebel Times



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Welcome back to another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat!

First off, yes, we know that there are a few glitchy errors with the podcast audio this week. There was a temporary problem with CKUT’s online archives, so you’ll hear a few blips here and there, but rest assured, it won’t ruin your enjoyment of this week’s show (and it’s only in the first 10 minutes).

On the show this week, we continue a series we started back in January, looking at radical record labels. The first in this series was a retrospective on G7 Welcoming Committee records (Episode 044). This time around, our focus is Rebel Time records, an amazing punk label out of Hamilton, ON. They’ve put out some of the most important Canadian and Quebecois political punk releases over the last decade, from bands like Broadcast Zero, Action Sédition, and The Class Assassins. And they’ve even started to look across the pond, bringing amazing bands over here from France, England, and Ireland.0004273349_10

We spoke here with Randy, one of the co-founders of the label, about everything from combatting sexism in the punk scene to the tragic death of Todd Serious from The Rebel Spell last year.

Also on the show, we speak about the ongoing Black Lives Matter-Toronto camp-out in front of Toronto Police headquarters, and play a couple tunes from their amazing new mixtape!

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Enjoy this week’s show! As always, send us your feedback at, and tell your friends to subscribe to the podcast!


Playlist – March 30, 2016

Jurassic 5 – Freedom

2 Pac – Panther power

Dilated Peoples – Neighbourhood watch

Marshia Celina – It’s up to you

Se7ens feat. New Breed MC – The system

The Steel Town Spoilers – Hamilton as fuck

Spanner – Crisis

Broadcast Zero – Battle on

Interview with Randy of Rebel Time Records

The Rebel Spell – Feel the same

Action Sédition – Classe contre classe

Jeunesse Apatride – Silence de mort

The Class Assassins – The addiction

Cambridge – Hole in the ground

Propagandhi – I am a rifle

The Rebel Spell – The world turned upside down

Section 4 – Take down yer fuckin’ posters

Leftover Crack – Poliamor fiesta crack!

Agnostic Front – Police violence

Di Nigunim – Solidarity

Brother Ali – Uncle Sam Goddam


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