The Rebel Beat Podcast 054 – HellnBack on Family over everything


Karmen James Omeasoo, aka. HellnBack



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Boooom! Welcome back to another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat! Our special guest on the show this week is Indigenous MC HellnBack. Hailing from the Samson Cree First Nation in Alberta, but now calling Winnipeg his home, HellnBack is a veteran on the hip-hop scene, some even calling him the “Grandfather of Native hip-hop”. He was an early member of 90s rap groups War Party and Team Rezofficial, before finally setting in on a solo career. His latest album is called F.O.E.=Family Over Everything, and we talked with HellnBack about his long career in the game, the importance of family, and using hip-cover170x170hop as a tool of resistance to fight back against suicide and depression.

Also some amazing joints on the show this week from Alas, Willie Dunn, East End Radicals, listings for Israeli Apartheid Week, and more!



Playlist – March 16, 2016

Alas – Tourist

Narcy – Tourist (feat. Ian Kamau)

Jason “Blackbird” Selman – Ferguson (St-Louis Blues)

Invincible feat. Abeer – People not places

Son of Nun – Free Palestine

A Tribe Called Red feat. HellnBack – The people’s champ

War Party – This land was ours

Interview with HellnBack

HellnBack – B.T.B.B. (feat. Lightning Cloud)

HellnBack – B.I.B.L.E. talk

Boogey the Beat – Hoka

HellnBack – F.O.E.=Family Over Everything

Team Rezofficial – Lonely

KZO – Sealfie

A Tribe Called Red – Working for the government (Buffy Sainte Marie remix)

Buffy Sainte Marie – The uranium war

Willie Dunn – Louie Riel

Lloyd Cheechoo – James Bay

Johnny Cash – As long as the grass shall grow

East End Radicals – Joe Beef



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