The Rebel Beat Podcast 021 – Oh Canada, Our Home On Stolen Native Land


Oka Crisis, July 1990


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July 1st is “Canada Day”. Canada is a racist, genocidal, imperial, ecocidal pile of stinking shit. So, so celebrate “Canada Day”, here is our 2 hour mix. As Godspeed You! Black Emperor Would say, “we love you so much our country is fucked”. Enjoy!


Playlist – July 1 2015

Thee Silver Mount Zion – Teddy Roosevelt’s guns

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Peasantry, or light inside of light

Faith Nolan – Africville

Willy Dunn – I pity the country

Lillian Allen – I fight back

One Hundred Dollars – Black gold

Geoff Berner – Official theme song for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

Vulgaires Machins – Un vote de moins

Asile – Les enfants bâtards d’un pays maudit

Marilyn’s Vitamins – How to debate a nationalist and win

Leamers – Oh Canaduh

Propagandhi – Bringer of greater things

Soledad brothers – Burn the rich

Waahli – Spirit chasers (Produced by Raatid One)

Vox Sambou – O Haiti

Malika feat. Emrical & Rawn Cana – Revolution

Lee Reed – No Kanada

Test Their Logik – Turtle Island

Capital G Geo – Beautiful BC

Buffy Sainte Marie – Power in the blood

A Tribe Called Red feat. Buffy Sainte Marie – Working for the government

LAL – Where we belong

Narcy – Free (feat. Ian Kamau)

Son of Nun – It’s like that

The Coup – Ride the fence

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