The Rebel Beat Podcast 018 – Resisting Big Brother w/ Submedia



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Welcome back to another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat – your dose of revolutionary music from the mothership at CKUT radio in Montreal.

This week we’re back to bring you another monthly collaboration with Frank from Submedia.TV, who bangs out some amazing tunes, including a wicked set of all Zach de la Rocha (former Rage Against the Machine) collaborations.

Submedia just wrapped up the first ever Anarchist Film Festival in Montreal, and soon you’ll be able to find many of the films they screened on the Projections Insurgées website.

Given the fact that the KKKanadian government passed some new repressive-as-fuck anti-terrorism, pro-surveillance legislation, Bill C51, we talked about anarchist resistance to state control, and who gets to define “terrorism”. We also bring you a recent Submedia interview with Antoine from Koumbit, a Montreal-based tech security cooperative. Antoine breaks down the basics of how Big Brother uses the internet and technology to spy on you, but also some steps you can take to make your communications more secure.

Enjoy the show!

Playlist – June 10 2015

Ana Tijoux – Anti-patriarca

Mafer y Majo – Soy mujer y soy capaz

Narcy – Nothing (feat. Suheir Hammad)

Queen Latifa – U.N.I.T.Y.

Rebecca Lane – Cumbia

Alas & Savage Fam – KK’ed

Interview with Antoine from Koumbit

Refused – Liberation frequency

Atari Teenage Riot – Black flags (feat. Jeff Aug)

The Ex – Weapons for El Salvador

Blackalicious, Zach de la Rocha, Saul Williams – Release

Run the Jewels feat. Zach de la Rocha – Close your eyes

DJ Shadow, Zach de la Rocha – March of death

Zach de la Rocha, KRS-One, The Last Emperor – Criminals in action

Kaie Kellough, DJ Andy Williams – Crick crack

Vox Sambou – Untitled

Keny Arkana – V pour verité

Gatas Parlament – Antiamericansk

Promoe – Murder Murdoch

Flowtilla – Stop Line 9

Flowbots – Handlebars

Las Cafeteras – Mujer soy (Yukicito remix)

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