The Rebel Beat podcast 012 – Mayday jams w/ Submedia



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Oooohhh shit! It’s that time of year again! The trees are budding, birds are chirping, the people are rising, and Mayday is upon us. Every year, May 1st is celebrated in most parts of the world as International Workers’ Day. It’s a day to celebrate not only labour struggles, but all fights against oppression and ecocide. In many cities, there are Mayday protests and celebrations of all kinds, so wherever you are, find your nearest one, get out there in the streets, and STRIKE!

This week on the podcast, we welcome back our regular collaborator, co-conspirator, and friend, Frank of Submedia! As usual, Frank comes loaded with a wicked “fuck work” themed playlist of Mayday tunes, plus we hear an interview he did recently with Fannie and Brice from the Printemps 2015 committee in Montreal. This committee has been behind many of the amazing student strikes and actions in Quebec over the last few weeks, and they’re also gearing up for some pretty major Mayday stuff. Check ’em out!

Plus, in case you missed it, we did a special on Quebecois resistance music on Podcast 010 of The Rebel Beat.

Ah yes! And if you’re in or near Montreal, don’t miss The Rebel Beat launch party this Saturday May 2nd at l’Escogriffe (4467 St-Denis)! It’s got a lineup of amazing radical artists, and makes for your perfect post-Mayday party. See you on the dancefloor!

Playlist – April 29 2015

Nina Simone – Baltimore

The Tamlins – Baltimore

Steel Pulse – No justice no peace

Yasiin Bey – Where are we?

Brother Ali – Uncle Sam goddam

Vic Ruggiero, Jack Wright, Maddie Ruthless – There is power

Utah Phillips – Dump the bosses

Screechy Dan – Raise your glass (fi di workin class)

Saul Williams – List of demands

Tchkung! – Smash things up

The Coup – 5 million ways to kill a CEO

Bambu – Minimum wage

Sweatshop Union – Labour pains

Dead Prez – Hell yeah

King Missile – Take stuff from work

Rude Mechanical Orchestra – The internationale

Emrical – Gad kijan

Interview with Fannie and Brice from the Printemps 2015 Committee

Banda Bassotti – El pueblo unido

Ska-P – Vals del obrero

Talco – Bella ciao

Keny Arkana – Indignados

Lisa Simpson – Union strike folk song

United Steelworkers of Montreal – Rise up

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