The Rebel Beat Podcast #003 – DJ Andy Williams on Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement

DJ Andy Williams, doin' his thing.

DJ Andy Williams, doin’ his thing.


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Welcome back to another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat – class war on the dancefloor coming straight at your ears every Wednesday from 10pm-12am EST on CKUT in Montreal.

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This week we continued our Black History Month series by welcoming in part of the CKUT family, the one and only DJ Andy Williams from The Goods crew and Jazz Amnesty Sound System. Andy has been teaching a course in the McGill School for Continuing Education on jazz and the civil rights movement, so he brought in some beautiful vinyl from that era, and gave us a veritable history lesson on this liberation music!

We’re taking next Wednesday off to make room for the annual Homelessness Marathon (be sure to tune in to CKUT for that!), but we’ll be back on March 4th for our International Women’s Day special, and an interview with the feminist hardcore punk band War on Women.

Hope you enjoy!

Playlist – February 18, 2015

Young Jazz Rebels – Black freedom

Matana Roberts – JP

Nitroglycerine – Old Uncle Tom is dead

Rosko – A night in Santa Rita part 1

Rufus Harley – A tribute to courage

Rosko – A night in Santa Rita part 2

Radio drama: The sentencing of Bobby Seale for contempt of court

Taj Mahal – Brothers doin’ time

Speech by Rabbi Joachim Prinz

Archie Shepp – Blues for brother George Jackson

Tommy Butler – selections from the Selma Broadway soundtrack

Ed Robinson – Black rhapsody

Jaki Byard – Ode to prez

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