The Rebel Beat Se.2 Ep.5: Oi Polloi!


American elections got you down? Then it sounds like you need a good dose of revolutionary music! Never fear, because we’re back with the latest edition of The Rebel Beat, a Firebrand Records podcast!

Our special guest on the show this week is the raging Scotish anarcho-punk
band Oi Polloi! They’ve been churning out 100% anti-fascist street-crust since 1981, and they show no signs of slowing down. Aaron caught up with them while they were in Montreal for Revolution Fest, and we’ll hear an in-depth conversation on everything from Brexit and Scotish independence, to protecting Gaelic and other Indigenous languages, to BASHING THE FASH!

We also check in with Firebrand fam Son of Nun in Baltimore, who is releasing a new video for his dope track “It’s Like That” at the end of November.

And finally, in our “Turn it Up” segment, we look at Black Power 96 radio in St-Petersburg, Florida, as well as the killer new track from Prolific the Rapper, “Black Snakes”, about the North Dakota Access Pipeline.

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Son of Nun – It’s like that
Mother Tareka and The Rebel Funktion – Water fight (feat. DJ LP)
Chumbawamba – Anti-nazi song
Ryan Harvey – Once we bury fascism
Marissa Anderson – Bella ciao
Oi Polloi – Take back the land
Oi Polloi – Yes!
Oi Polloi – L.I.N.U.X.
Oi Polloi – Let the boots do the talking
Oi Polloi – We must combat sexism on all levels
Oi Polloi – When two men kiss
Oi Polloi – Don’t burn the witch, burn the rich
The Ex – We support all forms of resistance against this racist system
Lycka Till – PTSD
Prolific The Rapper – Black snakes

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