The Rebel Beat Podcast 049 – #FeelingTheBurn with Submedia


Sanders to Police: “Feel the motherfuckin’ BERN, pigs!”


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Welcome back for another weekly edition of The Rebel Beat! This week it’s our favourite time of the month, that time when Frank from comes in to studio to share what’s been going down on his TV show, and play some wicked riotous tunes.

This week, we have an interview with Austin, TX-based anarchist organizer and author Scott Crow, talking about the shit-show that is the US election circus. We also talked about recent global anti-fascist and feminist actions against Pegida and Roosh V (a so-called “Pick-Up Artists” who supports the legalization of rape). And, because the WHOLE WORLD was talking about it, we threw in a bit of Super Bowl 50 commentary. But don’t worry, just a bit 😉

And of course, plenty of revolutionary music. See the amazing playlist below!

Be sure to check back with us next week, because we’ll be featuring an interview with Boots Riley from The Coup!

Enjoy 🙂


Playlist – February 10, 2016


Big Freedia – Explode

M1 & Bonnot – Offence defence

Ana Tijoux – No al TPP

Queen Latifah – Ladies first

Grand Master Flash – The message

X Clan – Funking lesson

Public Enemy – Can’t trust it

Oi Polloi – Let the boots do the talking

Fucked Up – No pasaran

Burning Kitchen – Who’s next

MC Sole – Hey liberals

Jared Paul – Movement first

Odessa Kane – GPT

Syndicato Latino – 20 de abril

Berekyah – Et si la paix (feat. Apostrophe)


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