The Rebel Beat podcast 008 – M-1 Take 2 (One Half of Dead Prez on Revolutionary Culture)





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Boom! We’re back with another weekly podcast of The Rebel Beat from your people-powered station, CKUT in Montreal!

This week on the show, we are very happy to bring you an interview with M-1 of the legendary hip hop group Dead Prez. This is essentially Take 2 of our conversation, because as some of you may know, we were supposed to interview M-1 in Montreal back in January, when he was scheduled to perform for the Fro Foundation’s Black History Month series. But then, the racist colonial border guards refused his entry into Canada. And that was that. Although, M-1 still addressed the crowd in Montreal via skype, and we aired that address on Podcast #001 of The Rebel Beat.

Anyways, so we finally got a chance to catch up with M-1 on the phone from his home a little while back, and we bring you his reflections on his experience at the KKKanadian border, building revolutionary culture at a time of heightened police terrorism against Black communities in the U$A, and even his critiques of media coverage of the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Plus we hear some new music this episode from Lee Reed, East End Radicals, The Brat Attack, and more!

Until next week, stay rebel!

Playlist April 1 2015

Dope Poet Society – Fuck Mike Harris

Marilyn’s Vitamins – One October Monday

Chumbawamba and The Ex – We support all forms of resistance

The Brat Attack – 10 years of resistance

East End Radicals – Whistleblower

Atari Teenage Riot – Black flags

Drowning Dog – Class war

Max Pashm – Fight in the streets

Dead Prez – Hip hop

Dead Prez – I have a dream too

Dead Prez – Politrikks

Interview with M-1 of Dead Prez

AP2P (M-1 & Bonnot, feat. Tino Tracanna, Paolo Fresu) – 24 Hours in Gaza

Beatnick & K-Salaam (feat. Talib Kweli and M-1) – Checkpoints: ghetto to Gaza

M-1 & Bonnot – Sacrifice

M-1 & Divine – Be Sekou

Rebel Diaz – Which side are you on?

The Narcycist – P.H.A.T.W.A.

Logic feat. Shadia Mansour – So serious

Test Their Logik – WTF

Killer Mike – Reagan

Run the Jewels (feat. Zach de la Rocha) – Close your eyes (and count to fuck)

Lee Reed – Fuck ya

Calle 13 – Balle de los pobres

Linton Kwesi Johnson – Inglan is a bitch

Mother Tareka – Sleep no more

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