The Rebel Beat #004 – International Women’s Day Special w/ War on Women and DJ Radio Riot

War on Women

War on Women


TRIGGER WARNING: Some of the songs we play on this podcast deal with issues like rape and sexual assault in a very explicit way.

Hey there! We’re back with episode #004 of The Rebel Beat podcast. This one is our International Women’s Day special, which is coming up on March 8th, and is a day to celebrate struggles against patriarchy around the world. Women, queers, trans folks, sex workers, Indigenous communities, mothers and girls are all standing up and kicking ass in such beautiful ways, and we wanted to honour that on the podcast this week.

Our feature interview on the show is with Shawna Potter of the Baltimore-based feminist hardcore band War on Women. They have a brand new full-length album out. Be sure to to check them out, buy their album, and go see their show when they tour through your town!


Plus we also had a guest set from DJ Radio Riot, who brought us some amazing feminist music from Russia, Ukraine, Rhode Island, and across Turtle Island.

How can we all celebrate International Womens Day? Let’s find marches and demos in our communities. Support sexual assault survivor centres. Support sex workers and their fights for liberation. Challenge sexist, homophobic, and transphobic comments and jokes. If you’re in so-called Canada, demand an inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women. There are so many ways. All of them are good. All of them are important.

Hope you enjoy the show! If you have done so yet, subscribe to this podcast on iTunes! Leave us a rating! It helps.

See you next week!

Playlist – March 4 2015

Ana Tijoux feat. Shadia Mansour – Somos sur

IamBlackGirl – Uprising

Angel Haze – Cleaning out my closet

Femme Maggots – Conceptions

Femme Maggots – Positivity

Downtown Boys – Slumlord Sal

Downtown Boys – Work

Addictive Remedy – Hide and seek

War on Women – Servilla

Interview with Shawna from War on Women

War on Women – Say it

War on Women – Roe vs. the world

Pussy Riot – Mother Mary, kick Putin out

Pussy Riot – Putin starts fires of revolution

Pussy Riot – Kill the sexist

Dakh Daughters – Love must die

Dakh Daughters – Donbass

Tanya Tagaq – Uja

Moe Clark – Butterfly ashes

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