M-1 of Dead Prez and Emrical launch The Rebel Beat – February 4

M-1 of the legendary hip-hop group Dead Prez

M-1 of the legendary hip-hop group Dead Prez

The Rebel Beat is blasting into this world on February 4th, with the hopes of bringing down borders, bosses, and banks through revolutionary beats, bass, and everything in between. It is class war on the dance floor, nothing less.

Be sure to tune in live on February 4th from 10pm-12am on CKUT (streaming online), or 90.3 FM in Montreal. To subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, CLICK HERE!

We begin The Rebel Beat with some sad news. M-1, the legendary revolutionary MC who comprises one half of Dead Prez, was set to give a talk and performance in Montreal for the opening of the Fro Foundation’s Black History Month festival on January 31st. But before even making it to Montreal, he was refused entry into Canada by the pigs that guard the imaginary colonial line that we call “the border”. M-1 says he was a victim of racial profiling. I suppose when you rap about real shit like destroying the Prison Industrial Complex, or fighting back against racist police, it’s gonna get you on some watch lists. Here’s M-1 in his own words.

But colonial borders didn’t stop M-1’s message from getting out to the Fro Fest. He still participated in the event via Skype, and we’ll be airing some of his deep thoughts and remarks on the show this week.



In other exciting news for the launch of the show this week, we’ll be joined live in studio by Emrical, an extremely talented Montreal MC and slam poet. Emrical is a community organizer against police brutality and racial profiling in Montreal-Nord, as well as a member of the Kalmunity Vibes Collective. His brilliant debut album “Cheval de Trois” dropped last year, and he’ll be with us to reflect on the post-Ferguson anti-police revolts in the USA, and their reverberations in Black communities in Montreal and Canada.

AND, just announced, we’ll also be joined in studio by Jahsun of Kalmunity, to talk about Kalmunity’s Black History Month series, as well as the Artists Against Police Brutality show in Montreal this Friday.


Jahsun, drummer and founding member of the Kalmunity Vibes Collective.

So do not miss the launch episode of The Rebel Beat, Wednesday February 4 from 10pm-12am, and be sure to link to us on social media!

Twitter @rebelbeatradio


Other upcoming guests on the show for this month, which will be a Black History Month series, include former Black Panther political prisoner Ashanti Alston, and Montreal’s DJ Andy Williams talking about jazz and the civil rights movement.

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