Ben West and Tanker Free BC offer oil alternatives, Chris Cook’s Haiti update, Aaron Maiden

Rebel Beat Radio host Aaron Maiden was interviewed on the program Winds of Change on CFUV FM Victoria today about The Rebel Beat. Check it out!

Winds of Change

Ben West is E.D. at Tanker Free BC (formerly with the Western Canada Wilderness Society and Forest Ethics) and he’s writing a crowdfunded book focussing on alternatives to expansion of Alberta’s Tarsands and other fossil fuel projects.  We talk about lifestyle changes we can all embrace, and ways to get involved with municipal and other political processes to encourage them to offer up better options.  Then, Chris Cook focuses on Haiti’s 5 year earthquake anniversary and what’s going on there.  Finally, CKUT programmer Aaron Maiden and the launch of his new program – Rebel Beat Radio –  to showcase progressive activist music from all genres, and throughout history.

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